Friends of the Petrie Museum
Portrait of Flinders Petrie by de Laszlo   Sir William Mathew Flinders Petrie
First Edwards Professor
of Egyptology at
University College London
The Friends of the Petrie Museum (PMF) was formed on 1st June 1988 under the Chairmanship of George Hart, Staff Lecturer at the British Museum, and the Presidency of Harry Smith, Emeritus Professor of Egyptology at University College London, and holder of the Edwards Chair in Egyptology for many years. The driving force behind the formation of the Friends was Barbara Adams, Curator of the Petrie Museum at that time, who recognised the need to channel the goodwill and interest of so many visitors and donors to the Petrie Museum.
The aims of the Friends of the Petrie Museum are:

to encourage greater knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of ancient Egyptian culture as illustrated in the Petrie Museum

to raise funds to contribute to the conservation, safe-keeping and display both of the collections as a whole and of the individual artefacts within it.

The Friends now number over 800 members, mostly resident in the UK, although our Friends overseas have also been active on behalf of the Museum. The high number of Friends for such a small museum as the Petrie reflects the outstanding nature of the collection. Its status as one of the world's finest teaching collections has been recognised in its designation by government as a collection of national importance.


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