The benefits of becoming a Friend
  Your support, in the form of a commitment to the Friends of the Petrie Museum, will enable our conservation projects to go ahead, helping to preserve a priceless collection for the future enjoyment of all, and ensuring its use as an unrivalled teaching medium.  
  Not only will you have the satisfaction of supporting such a worthwhile effort but as a Friend of the Petrie Museum you will also gain the following benefits:  

• an invitation to apply for places on seminar sessions with leading Egyptologists in the Museum

• an opportunity to attend lectures, special events and social occasions organised throughout the year

• an opportunity to join PMF tours to places of Egyptological interest. For example, in recent years members have visited Egyptian sites of particular relevance to the work of Flinders Petrie and museums in Paris, Berlin, Leiden, Stockholm, Brussels and Turin as well as a number of collections in Britain and the USA

• a regular Friends Magazine with feature articles and news about the Museum, recent events and lectures

• a 10% discount on books and other items sold in the Petrie Museum

General information about PMF activities and benefits may be downloaded here